Wendy, BA, BEd, CHT, CMMI
Wellness Modality:
Guided Meditation, Hypnotherapy, Mindset Coaching, Meditation, Mindfulness Mentoring, Mindful Parenting, Stress Management, Smoking Cessation Coaching
Licensed Educator, Certified Hypnotherapist, Certified Meditation Instructor (India, USA), Certified Mindful Meditation Instructor
*Palm Beach Wellness Institute concierge services offered: in-home, in-office, virtually

About Wendy

Wendy is a Professional Mindset Coach. Wendy studied in Canada, India, and the United States. She focuses on your existing beliefs, emotions, patterns of thinking, and behaviors. Wendy helps you recognize, question, and revise disruptive patterns of thought using a range of neuroscience based therapeutic techniques such as guided meditation, mindfulness techniques, and hypnotherapy. She works with you to uncover the beliefs, blocks, behaviors, habits, and patterns of thinking that prevent you from living the life you desire. She has the tools to gain deep insight and understanding of the way you think and present in the world. Prior to her career as Professional Mindset Coach, Wendy founded and operated the IDEAL School for almost 30 years as Principal/Owner. The IDEAL School was an innovative, mindful private school for students aged 3 to 8th Grade. The school was cutting edge with a curriculum based on the Harvard theory of Multiple Intelligences combined with Growth Mindset and Mindfulness Practices. Wendy loves to share her inspirational life story, and she was a keynote speaker on the Life Success motivational “The Secret” cruise with Bob Proctor and Rev. Michael Beckwith. Additionally, her heartfelt life story is featured in an A&E documentary “Between the Lines” narrated by Robert Downey Jr. “Wendy is proof we can all live an extraordinary life. “  -Kenny Loggins, Grammy Award Winner, Singer/Songwriter. “Wendy’s IDEAL vision of creating a mindful generation is remarkable.” Goldie Hawn, Academy Award Winner, Actress and Producer. BNI Leadership Conference Intro Speaker Wendy Soderman