Wellness Modality:
Family Coaching
Certified Family Coach
*Palm Beach Wellness Institute concierge services offered: virtually, in-home (upon special request)

About Dana

Dana is a professional Family Coach. Her passion is bringing skills, hope, healing, and inspiration to help families and/or individuals identify healthy goals and help establish new routines and behaviors to help achieve positive change within the family dynamics. In working with Dana, you can expect to learn how to communicate effectively with your loved ones and elicit constructive conversation and positive relationships. She will guide you to normalize the family’s experience, access each member’s strengths, and help the family set goals and develop skills and routines to problem solve challenging situations. She is responsive to the unique needs of each family member. Dana is a writer for Psychology Today. She is the co-author of “Addiction Rescue; The No-BS Guide to Recovery” and is a nationally known advocate for families struggling with substance use disorder.