Bianca, M.A CHT, TPHT
Wellness Modality:
Breathwork, Hypnotherapy, Yoga
Certified Hypnotherapist
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About Bianca

Bianca is a certified Clinical, Transpersonal, and Interpersonal Hypnotherapist from the Interpersonal Institute of Hypnotherapy in Tampa. She is also an ACE certified personal trainer with multiple group exercise certifications, including Yoga. Bianca utilizes breathwork to help get to emotions that have been suppressed. Suppressed emotions can lead to a myriad of different symptoms. The breathwork process helps to release negative emotions and reach a very peaceful state. There are many ways to utilize breathwork, from using this method for a healthy emotional release, including processing work, or using it as an adjunct in a regular hypnosis session. Bianca likes to describe hypnosis as a wonderful tool to help people achieve their goals. It is a gentle process to break away from old habits that are no longer useful, to break away from negative self-talk, and step into more confidence and self-love. Bianca will help you to create the transformation in your life that you are looking for, one step at a time.